Helping Orphans:

This story is about a project with the basics that it must be helpful for society, that is it’s a social cause project.

We (team of six members) were supposed to plan for the project and execute this under Amal Academy. So we set up and talked about different opportunities and their possibilities. We as a team had a long discussion on the topic of what social cause to select and after discussing a lot of possibilities we all agreed upon one cause that is to help Orphan students financially and academically.

First of all we have to collect funds for them and for that purpose we have decided to install a stall in front of some event and sell something that is easily affordable for the persons coming to event but at a little high price than actual agreeing them upon our purpose. The first event we are going to cover is CIVICON to be held in UET this week but for this we are supposed to take permission from university. And this is the duty assigned to HAFIZ TALIB. Permission from CIVICON management is the duty of MUHAMMAD ARSLAN TARIQ.

and then give that money to an orphanage to help them with their education as much as we can. Contacting an orphanage is the duty assigned to me(@Ahsan Ali).

Social media coverage is assigned to @Ahmed Mujtaba and Muhammad TAHIR JAVED. While MUDDASSIR SOHAIL is allocated with the duty of documentation and report making.

That's the plan and hope so that we’ll be able to execute this plan together soon In sha Allah.