EverythingEOS Weekly Report — January 31st

#1 - ENF Q4 Report

  1. An overall of $7,014,200 USD was spent by ENF
  2. ENF donated 259,000 EOS to the Eden on EOS treasury
  3. The Clarionos team received a grant totalling 100,000 EOS as a reimbursement for the EdenOS software development and its continued support by Dan Larimer and Clarionos.
  4. Five waves of grants totalling $3.5m were awarded over a 10 week period to 35 established EOS projects. Each one was granted $100,000 for their continuous efforts and contributions towards the EOS public network.
  5. The EOS Network Foundation funded five Working Groups worth $1.3m to incentivize collaboration amongst the most trusted and experienced developers within the EOSIO ecosystem to write technical papers, elaborate an execution plan, and/or deliver a technical product to make EOS better.
  6. The Greymass team was selected to fulfil a project management function that encompassed all of the working groups and they received $100,000 to act as an oversight and coordinator for the Working Groups.
  7. The ENF donated $500,000 to the grant matching pool for the first season of Pomelo.
  • Q1: Working Group+ Blue Papers, Pomelo Season 2
  • Q2: Deploy EOS EVM, Mandel Consensus Upgrade
  • Q2+Q3: Yield+, Bridge+, Market+
  • Q3: ENF Ventures, EVM Product Suite
  • Q4: Eden 2.0 aka ƒractally

#2 - Dan Larimer announces ƒractally

#3 - The Art of the Rant

#4 - Chintai’s New Hire and the Hubbis Panel

#5 - Upland Opens Los Angeles

#6 - Boid’s EOS PowerUp NFTs

#7 - EOS Bee’s Release EOS dApp Ecosystem Chart

The EOS Bees released a detailed map of the EOS dApp ecosystem which was designed by Bishop Creations.



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