The way to a Minimum Lovable Product

Disclaimer: This article represents my own opinions, views, and experiences.
Picture this: startup founder thinks of an idea does his study, pretty presentations, numbers &starts developing his app he keeps pushing his product away from the deadline he put because in his opinion “our product still needs work, we are still not ready” and this is why a new concept not so new for a lot of people was introduced to the market MVP & people started improving on the concept itself.
Eric Ries developed the idea of MVP, and described it as “the minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.”

you can consider MVP a step towards reaching your MLP, you wanna make sure your idea is viable and needed to make your customers or users attached to it or love it, there are multiple factors to reaching a lovable product status to your product there are 3 main ones, in my opinion, we should focus on
1-Focus on the why
It’s all well and good making something beautiful, but it still has to solve the problem. Just as with all products, you need to be building something with purpose.
Product school example “Think about that coffee your friend served you earlier. If it came covered in cream and sprinkles with a fudge brownie stuck on top, it doesn’t exactly fulfill the role of ‘coffee’ anymore!”
2-Align Your Team
What are your goals or what do you want to do to make your product lovable ,your team has to be aligned on your vision why should the people who use the product love it or what will we do to make them
3-stay agile
Fast working and being active on iterating and enhancing to get better performance ,features &new ideas based on customer feedback will l Align Your Team on Your Lovable Goals

Long story short, unlike what you see on most of the startups that are starting to build their products or have a product but aren’t sure they are ready for the market, you just need to take the steps towards building the lovable product you are aiming for.
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Hasan abusheikh Product expert ,shaping the audio industry 🚀.

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Hasan Abusheikh

Hasan Abusheikh

Hasan abusheikh Product expert ,shaping the audio industry 🚀.

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