Lets find a forever home for Frisco

One of the nicest and most fun dogs.

We met him one day at the Sillicon Valley Animal control and fell in love with him. Unfortunately, a few days later when I went to let the apartment company know and pay their fees, I found out that they dont’ allow pitbull breeds 😔. With deep saddness, we took Frisco back to the shelter. He is truly a great companion and we only wish that he can have a great life with loving family. For the short time that he was with us, he gave us a lot more than we could have given him.

More info here at the shelter’s website about him: 

Being new to the Bay area and more so new to apartment living in the Bay area. We adopted him the next day.

And our home had lots of love from him.

McDonalds run

Hanging out on the sofa.

Hiking around in the Fremont Open Space Preserve, he was great at hiking.

He knows how to Paw! *and is potty trained.

“I need to lie down…zzz”

And I’ll let you know when you should PET ME!!!

“I love snuggling.”

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