“and it’s up to them to either seize the tolerance gold away from the left…or miss the podium.”
N 110

Here is the dilemma, the right is intolerant of a lot of things, the left is tolerant of a lot of things but when the left becomes intolerant of things which they don’t agree with, the level of intolerance crosses the line of bigotry. I am not talking of the entire group of left leaners I am refering to those left of the left. One of this is intolerance of religion. There is a illogical scheme of thinking in some segments of the left leaning people that religion itself is bad and the proof is that the actions of bad religious people is representative of religion while those good religious people are not following their true faith, that any text cannot be taken out of context because if it does, our argument collapses which means the bad religious people are the ones not following tenants of faith or are actually following a ‘corrupted’ faith whereby the original faith historically was clean but it got corrupted over time. This basic lack of logic is a ‘We are right and we can never be wrong’ attitude which is also as intolerant as the right