You How to Identify Islamophobe Trolls

  1. They put the weight of extreme interpretation much higher than that of a peaceful interpretation
  2. They reject the notion that most Muslim women chose to wear hijab on their own accord even when the Muslim women tell that themselves
  3. They constantly ask why Muslims don’t condemn terrorism or act peacefully. (Hint: they do)
  4. When Muslims openly condemn extremism, terrorism and act peacefully they say the Muslims are lying and say it’s ‘Taqiyya’. (Note the hypocrisy to above). In fact islamophobes view every good deed by Muslim as done because of nefarious reasons or because the person is not really a true Muslim and every bad deed by a Muslim as done with sound mind and according to what a ‘good’ Muslim should do.
  5. Even though salafi and wahhabi inspired jihadists account for a single percentage of Muslims, Islamophobes attribute these acts to majority of Muslims.
  6. They consider being religious as extremism even though most Muslims who were never extremists in past 1400 years were all religious.
  7. They consider Hadith as equally holy as Holy Quran even though one is direct word of God while the other is generations passed down stories and quotes from people 200–300 years post Islam
  8. They reject verses of Holy Quran which contradict Hadith even though theologically a Hadith is only valid if it does not contradict the Quran ( see above)
  9. When proven that Hadhrat Aisha ra was a lot older than 6 or 9 when married to the Holy Prophet (saw), the islamophobes get fixated and refuse to let go of invalidated Hadith which they cling on to.
  10. They are often first and foremost in using abusive language against Muslims or pro Muslim or pro Islamic non Muslims.
  11. They gleefully mock belief system of all Muslims while asking Muslims to tolerate their trolling which most do. When asked by peaceful Muslims to show more respect to their belief system, their counter is to deal with it and stop killing people when mocked ( see trying to connect innocent Muslims to terrorists again )
  12. They identify religious terrorism as always associated with Islam even though terrorism is centuries old, politically inspired terrorism by Muslims began in the 1970s and religious inspired terrorism based on perverted beliefs began in the 90s, in both instances Islam is 1400 years old
  13. They willfully ignore the fact that Muslims being the biggest by numbers victims of terrorism shows terrorists believe most Muslims are heretics and yet islamophobes associate these victims with the terrorists
  14. They ignore the fact that Wahhabism and salafism is a result of attempting to reform Islam with extreme interpretation and ignore equally sized communities which reform and revive Islam with peaceful, original and unaltered interpretation of the faith.
  15. Often when confronted with facts, they attempt to ask 5 questions on 5 different topics rapidly in a conversation in a way to dilute the debate rendering it incoherent without reason, substance or focus
  16. They force lack of moderation on Muslim women and when Muslim women reject calls to show skin and be more modern than their inner conviction, islamophobes accuse Muslim women of either being extremists or being of slave mentality to their husbands and faith, ignoring any notion that Muslim women have the empowerment of using free will when choosing and adhering to their faith.
  17. Islamophobes often say they know more about Islam than most muslims themselves including about Quran and Hadith
  18. Islamophobes often say Isis like groups know more about Islam than most Muslims and especially those who die at the hands of Isis like groups
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