If you are thinking of voting for Trump, look at who you are allowing into the highest office of the land

Note: I am a Muslim in America. So I am not going to even share his comments about banning Muslims. Instead I will share what he has said, done and involved with other than that so you can see my position is not from a personal or religious bias but on a human level against someone who is not fit to lead this nation of Republicans, Independents and Democrats.

Trump made the following remarks about a 10 year old girl passing by

Trump made Lewd and Sexually offensive comments about sexually assaulting women

Trump asked public to view alleged sex tape of a woman he called Piggy for not being slim enough

12 Women have accused Donald Trump of Sexually Assaulting them

Trump responded to his 12 accusers by saying most of them are too ugly for him

Trump said the elections would only have a fair result and he would only accept them, if he won

Trump business illegally did business with Cuba during Sanctions in the late 1990s

Trump foundation did not have legal permission to accept charitable donations which it kept collecting

Trump used $258,000 of charitable donations to Trump foundation to pay for personal legal fees

Trump hired Models illegally for his modelling agency

Trump used campaign donations to buy his own books.

Trump refused to pay 100s of workers and contractors he swears he wants to protect if he becomes president

Trump business was under scrutiny for Antitrust violations and was fined $750,000 because of this

Trump is accused of raping a 13 year old girl in 1994. A court date is set for December 16th, 2016

Trump did not know what a Gold Star family was when he attacked father and mother of fallen US soldier and he is running for the Presidency and commander in chief

Trump suggested that the Gold Star mother was being supressed by her husband due to her faith as she did not speak on stage

..and then she spoke

…and then she wrote

and Trump still has not apologized to them

Trump mocked the disability of a disabled reporter while criticizing his article.

Here is the Reporter whose disability he mocked

Trump says Central Park Five are guilty despite DNA evidence proving they are not

US government sued Trump’s company in 1973 because his company would deny black people rental units in his apartment building

Trump has had to file bankruptcy 6 times. The American people cannot afford to have America bankrupt even once

Trump has said Adultery is not a bad thing

Trump has committed adultery numerous times openly and used his mistresses as sex objects

Trump University was a massive scam and Trump robbed people of their life savings because of it

Federal Judge has allowed Trump University fraud case to go ahead as a court case

Federal Judge presiding over Trump University case was criticized by Trump for being Mexican thus Trump thought his Mexican ancestory must mean he was against Trump…. even though the judge was born in US

Trump lost a libel suit over being called a Millionaire showing his insecurity over his finances

Trump admits he has purposely not paid federal income taxes for over 18 years

Trump refuses to release his tax returns

He says he can’t release them as he is under audit .. except IRS said that doesn’t prevent him from releasing his tax returns like many other audited people have

Trump has called immigrants from Mexico rapists and criminals

Trump is asking is supporters to vote twice if necessary. Clearly advocating for voter fraud

Trump called for return for death penalty for 5 black people who were subsequently free after court found them clearly not guilty of murder in racially charged ads

Trump in racially charged comments has said that “laziness is a trait in the blacks”

Trump said in an interview that living conditions of black people is better than white people so they shouldn’t complain

Trump refused to distance himself from David Duke

Trump said this about President Obama

Trump called the time of slavery of the golden age of America

Trump has asked for police to get more power against black people, not better training.

David Duke has endorsed Donald Trump who has urged his supporters to vote for Trump

Numerous white supremacist groups other than David Duke have endorsed Donald Trump

David Duke has said nearly all of his supporters are Trump voters

Trump sexually humiliated woman in front of a large audience in video

Trump has said facial looks are important when voting for a woman presidential candidate

Trump has said women who try to get abortion must be punished

Trump tower was built by 2000 undocumented polish workers.

Before he entered politics, Trump was sued for sexual harassment by Jill Harth in 1997, he settled.

Trump tweeted this on September 11th, 2013

Trump doesn’t think John McCain is a war hero. He just thinks McCain got caught

Trump said Roger Ailes was only helping women who were sexually harassed by him

Trump had close ties to an infamous Mobster

Trump’s ex-wife has said that Trump raped her

she later recanted saying it wasnt rape in her definition of the word even though she still says he forced sex with her….thats rape.

Trump has said he select a special prosecuter to put Hillary in Jail over private email server use.

Thats called a Banana Republic.

Trump has said he will pay legal fees to his supporters who assault protesters.

Trump, a presidential candidate, bragged out his penis size in a presidential debate.

Trump said 2nd Amendment people can do something about Hillary

Trump said Ted Cruz’s father might had a hand in JFK’s assassination

Trump says Fox News’s Megyn Kelly ‘had blood coming out of her wherever’

Trump talks about his charitable donations, but gives much less than people who earn a lot less than him

Trump gave Pam Bondi, the then Florida attorney general $25,000 gift. She later dropped the Trump University case against him.

All Trump misogynistic and sexist comments about women documented from 1980 to 2016 in one place (Hint: long, long. long list)

Trump has said Russian President Vladimir Putin is a far better leader than Obama

Trump has called for Torture to be reinstated as part of interrogation tactics.

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