I Was Born Twice

Dec 4, 2019 · 1 min read

Stories of Syria’s Tears

moments will never be forgotten.

Words are not enough to describe what was in my mind for choosing some stories from my notebook so to be included in this book; the heavy years and hard moments I lived can never be erased from the memory.
I tried to stop several times as it was difficult to choosing or writing or remembering. And, that was a constant source of worry for me; I felt as if I were oppressing those whose stories are neglected.

I almost have stopped writing for the ongoing horrible events and dire, continuous injustice lived by so many; I felt there was no value for anything written compared to any drop of blood or mother’s longing to hug her child or a child’s memory that cannot forget a father who was killed or missed.
Nevertheless, I have not stopped. I write for the hearts of mothers or women who have endured pain and bravely handled their fate amid the war. For the dreams of Syrian children and youth hoping in freedom, dignity and rebuilding Syria.

The proceeds of the book will go to Syrian children. Through Kids Paradise



Written by

Our children to remake the world, Founder of Kids Paradise nonprofits @kparadiseOrg @Hasanalmossa

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