Mastering your integration: managing instances and projects with AdroitLogic IPS

Hasangi Kahaduwa
2 min readAug 29, 2017

IPS is the lightweight integration PaaS provided by AdroitLogic, designed to deploy, manage and monitor AdroitLogic’s high-performance UltraESB-X instances on a public or private cloud environment. IPS brings high availability and high performance to the traditional ESB-driven integration space, with resource management through container technology, coupled with easy and intuitive deployment, monitoring and maintenance.

In IPS 17.07 latest release preview, we are proud to introduce two special features which will make your life easier and resource saving for your business.

They are IPS-Worker management and Project management.

When you deploy an integration project created in the UltraStudio inside a cluster in your IPS, an IPS-Worker instance which is a tailored version of the UltraESB-X, gets spawned behind the scenes, where the project eventually gets deployed.

With the newly introduced feature, IPS-Worker management, you can stop the IPS-Worker instance and restart it as you wish. This feature will be helpful in troubleshooting your deployment, for example when you want to stop a few instances temporarily, without going through the process of shutting down and redeploying the entire cluster.

IPS-Worker Stop
IPS-Worker Start

Using the Project management feature, you can control a project deployed in a cluster at IPS-Worker instance level granularity, without affecting the overall deployment. You can stop a running project on a single worker instance, and restart the project if it is stopped. This will make your integration project easily debuggable and resource saving.

Project Start
Project Stop

Hope you will enjoy these new features in your integration. Kudos!