project one hundred minutes of solitude

the depression , the pressure you are taking from . where is the source ?

don`t you think that you owe people money .

don`t you think that you are half away from your job schedule .

don`t you think that you are not energized like before.

don`t you think that

ok then . think about the cause . people around us . i want you to eliminate them . don`t you think about them . see . their not exist . how much pressure you feel now ?

you got the point .

but we are not escaping them .

we are taking our time back from them . we taking back our life , our energy and our reason to be happy , motivate and passionate from them .

with less pressure we could do better . so start your project one hundred minutes of solitude every day .

you wanna read book ? listen to music ? do enjoy ?

okay . this time do it only for your own sake plz . offline your cellphone . get rid of wifi connection . minimize your connection with others I mean . think less and less about others in these minutes …

life has many thing to enjoy . take your time back from other to enjoy it for your self .

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