Confusing Job Adverts

Recently I have looked at the job market to see the trend within my area of design discipline and I was quite surprise with over whelming demand but at the same time it made me remind of Steve Krug book ‘Don’t make me think’, precisely I end up thinking which one should I apply for or which one is right for me?

Some of the common titles I came across were: User experience designer, User interface designer, interaction designer, Graphic designer, Web designer, Service designer, and list goes on.

Visitors like me end up thinking which one is right for me? Interestingly some of the description and requirements to use of tools in the adverts were exactly similar to the one with a different title, although the role execution and requirements should be different, it gets even more confusing when two of the discipline combined in one advert, interesting to see the most common title was UI/UX Designer/Developer, with additional prefix in some cases as ‘lead’, ’senior’, ‘mid’-senior, ‘mid’ and ‘junior’.

Now one can argue there is an overlap of skillset but I take it as a border or hand-over process between two discipline. I myself have a strong design background which hard to give away, but now being more on UX roles recently I hardly get chance to wear designer hat, other than in rare instances to support few ideas in meeting. Each of these roles require different expertise to solve a problem.

If I would to apply I will be careful to see what sort of design needs this job will posed as a matter of fact many of UX designer doesn’t have a beautiful graphic design portfolio either.

Luckily many of the large corporates have clear distinguish between these roles and have an empathy to consider these as separate fields with different skills and tools as well as outputs but smaller companies still try and merge to save cost in some cases and in other they don’t clearly differentiate themselves between such role.

We need an empathy from companies and recruiters to identify a skill set with a suitable title, merging one or two titles will not necessarily get a person with multiple skills and not necessary save cost, because if someone doesn’t perform he/she is out within few months, incurring cost and time as well as back to step 1 of recruitment. Streamlining titles will help getting the right candidate and save time for both companies/recruiters and candidates.