Robot and privacy…

When it comes to sharing our personal space, we all are naturally quite reluctant. From our childhood to even at a grown up age.

This private space concept does apply to our decisions space as well, which is intangible although result may be tangible, and what I mean by this is when to wake-up, what one feel like eating, which cloths to buy or route and mode to choose for travel. People do consult in some cases when feel like but that is again their personal choice, whether to accept others opinion or stick to what they have already decided.

A lot of arguments and fights in the house and outside, majority of it relates to this private space and ego. How often you have seen parents trying to convince a child to share his/her toy with another child or take turn in a park for swing or slide and child refuses it completely.

For adults, we prefer to keep our phone to ourselves, car, or even TV (when it is our favorite show is on).

There is no argument that we don’t need privacy. In fact we all acknowledges that regardless of our education or believe. There is legislative support for privacy too.

It is evident that in near future, we will embrace intelligent robots with open hands, and I think every house will probably be having some sort of robot running around to help with our daily chores.

However I do think there may be some conflicts between decisions, for some it will not be an easy transition.

Most of these robots will be equipped with artificial intelligence and complex algorithm to help them take smart decisions. What if my decision get differ with robot in my house?

A simple example is, if robot is trained to wake me up at a certain time and prepare breakfast. What if I had an unplanned night out, or being ill and forgot to tell my robot prior to sleep, I certainly don’t want robot to wake me up at my usual time on that day and many other examples like that…

It isn’t that these robots won’t listen to their keepers when we tell something to do or ‘not to do’ but sometime we may as well see conflict of interest or an action prior to approval based on routine expectation rather situational.

Some decision may cause accident of all sort of levels. Obviously these challenges scientist must have thought through.

What if I get annoyed or something really goes wrong and my smart robot isn’t letting me switch him off? Perhaps smart robot has already deleted the code associated with switching him off. Not losing complete control over robot will save such issues.

Interesting future ahead with challenges.

Research, test and feedback will help to give better understanding and will bring improvements in robot’s feature and better decision model (algorithm).

Smartness with a control will definitely help paving the right future in robotics industry.

Journey has to start from somewhere. Every technology we are interacting today had evolved and is evolving from it’s size to being smarter.