Older politician showed the way

Education is important for one an all

KANPUR: What has been secured by an aged politician is a pointer to young drop-outs who leave school for directionless aspiration. The youths should take inspiration from the Haryana leader who despite all opposite odds pursued his studies and cleared his secondary education with flying colours. His determination does not stop here as he wants to continue his undergraduate course.

It proved his interest in education beyond everything. The youths instead of wasting time in useless activities should learn a lesson from the country’s politician. In the ripe old age of 82 years, he completed his higher secondary examination in the first division. This must be result of his spirited confidence, firm determination and systematic devotion.

What is happening today? The younger generation is shying away from learning education up to secondary level. The government is concerned over increasing number of drop-outs after class VI. Tens of thousands children are still deprived of basic education in our state of Uttar Pradesh. Even the CAG report says as many as 20 lakh children left their studies between 2011–12 and 2015–16. This analysis is based on the basis of the figures presented by District Education Information System. However, the average number of the drop-outs goes up to 0.63 lakh according to figures provided by the state government. The report expresses its displeasure over the details. It has raised questions on the SP and BSP governments respectively.

What remains more concerning is the stumpy nomination of the poor students in the schools. Lack of co-ordination between implementation societies and district planning officials remains main cause behind this anomaly. The drop-out numbers have also gone up. Maximum drop-outs have been reported after class VI. Just after clearing high school examinations, the students begin to distance themselves from the benefits of education. According to a government report the dropout remained 17.86 percent. This is troublesome for a country where an 18-year-old voter sometimes does not possess enough educational capability.

Despite government’s various schemes in expansion of education the number of students reaching up to class 12 is not increasing. There is no marked change in this tendency. In spite of efforts the students are failing to complete their education at least up to that level. There is need to initiate a solid plan for vocational education in order to make them self dependent. The younger generation has always been wary of elders’ ability. They are constantly criticising the aged people for their viewpoints. They are always upset with the elder’s different attitudes. The tussle becomes a matter of ego subsequently. A change is now perceptible in the generation gap.