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Feb 18, 2016 · 3 min read

Has Bean Coffee works directly, year on year, to develop and deepen long-term partnerships with over 30 of the most incredible coffee producers in the world.

The length and depth of these partnerships allow us to not only source better coffee for all of our projects, but to invest in experimentation with these individuals, families, and mills to discover what can be achieved through improved science, processes, agronomy, and support.

Whilst these unique, experimental coffees are exclusive to our collaborations together, the knowledge gained through these partnerships influences how we work to assist all our producers in developing their coffee to its highest potential.

Alejandro Martinez of Finca Argentina

One of the unique terroir separation lots Alejandro Martinez has created on Finca Argentina in El Salvador, Guacahipelin covers 12 hectares, ranges in altitude from 1,200–1,300 m.a.s.l and is named after a Salvadoran tree present on this specific tablon.

As in much of El Salvador, the soil requires active farming which is only compounded further with drainage issues that affect potential plant growth. These issues have been addressed with the planting of Eucalyptus, which draw water out of the soil, markedly improving the health of plants and the coffee they produce. The growing slope is difficult to climb and the 16 farm workers have nicknamed the top area of the tablon “Infiernillo” (little hell) since it is a hell of a walk to get up there.

Alejandro Martinez on Finca Argentina

The coffee is Bourbon varietal, and is the only natural we’re offering from Finca Argentina this year. In an effort to better understand and control his coffee processing experiments, Alejandro began working this year with Emilio Lopez-Diaz, known for his highly experimental processing of coffees from Beneficio El Manzano. As a result, this coffee, and the delicate natural processing flavours it delivers, are the product of two of the most progressive individuals in Salvadoran coffee today.

Rum & Raisin Fudge, Dark Chocolate, Long & Sweet Finish, Vanilla.

Alejandro Martinez on Finca Argentina

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