The Interested Challenge!

While I was reading the dale’s chapter 2, the very thought of influencing the people apparently seemed to be simple and plain. You have to admit that it is not so easy task when it comes to putting it into practice. With the dale principle no 1 in my mind, I contacted to my family members via cell phone. The people reaction on other side of cell phone were worth pondering. One of family member said, ‘’ Haseeb, After so many years, I am feeling great to hear your voice’’ but he was astonished that I did not call him for a piece of work. I learned from this call that broken relations can be reestablished by exchange of few words. Those words can be specific to person’s history or any other event which highlights his character. Another member of family responded with even greater gratitude, ‘’ Haseeb, Please give me a chance to have dinner whenever you are free’’. Dale’s principle worked out with its full strength this time also.

The hard part for me to digest the emotions charge as I was busy in manipulating emotions of family member for a piece of writing. So, next time, I would try to focus on word ‘’Genuine’’ in ‘’ Become genuinely interested in other people’’. It would better help to understand the people and make my voice heard also.

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