Charity begins at home…

1# AMAL:

Charity is very good habit that Edhi Sahb had learnt already in their early age. I have believed this is only skill that leads him towards the best deed in this world that is humanitarianism. He was always find out the persons for helping. So one day he found a man who was laying on a a platform. He realized that he was very sick and wounded. So he went back to home and brought some things to aid him. He had been looking after him and provided him food, clothes etc. some days. That days Edhi Sahab realized why he sent it here in this world and also this made him awared of the presence of God in humanitarian.

“No religion is higher than humanity” ( Edhi Sahab).

In the previous Ramadan, once a day i met a boy after performing Isha prayer from mosque. He said to me that he needed some money for sporting his family. He was a factory worker. He told me that his mother is passing from a very critical stage. He had spent his all money on her medicine. During conversation, I was very confused and always seeing his expression because i had learnt that tongue can tell a lie but face cannot tell a lie. After a long discussion about her background and his family problems. I decided to help him. After reaching home, i went to home and brought some money from my violet and gave it to him. He thanked me a lot for helping him. When he went back, i stopped him and took his number. He told me about his sister that she wanted to earn from cloth sewing. But she was unable to do it because his only brother could not afford sewing machine. So i decided to buy a sewing machine that will help his family to earn money. Now his sister is earning money and helping his brother to run his family. That day i was very tensed to see such a family who did not even afford his two times bread. I said to myself why are we spending too much money on useless thing and why are we not helping such needy people. Why are we all neglected him and not felt their problems. Therefore, i have learnt one lesson that helping others is the best work in this world and it is the best feeling you have ever felt in your life.