“Life Long Investment”

Planting a plant is a life long investment. I decided to do because of global warming. Due to urban pollution, global warming is effected on human life and damaged the ozone layers. It has also caused to produce new problems in the whole world like the smog. Cutting of trees are going to be increased day by day because of bad governance. So, I wanted to do something that will give benefit to me and also others as well. Planting a plant depends on the type of tree selected , the planting location, the care provided during planting. These were the some challenges i had faced during planting. The first task i had done was carrying a flower pot and then i put some mud into the pot. after this i digged a hole and placed the tree into it. In the end i gave it water to plant.

Without trees, life on Earth would be impossible. My small plant gives me a lessons of small beginning, patience, hope of growing and hard working.

My next step is to plant more trees in our country to reduce the pollution and global warming. This process will give more benefits to animals as well as humans.

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffet