Part 1: Reading About Edhi Sahab and Following One of his Many Principles for Success

One of the many principles that I learnt from Edhi Sahab’s was Khudi, which is somehow related to every person. The existence of a person starts when he tries to know himself completely and accepting that he wants to do it he wants to achieve it whatever he has in him. Khudi starts from the bottom of the heart when you want something so badly that you are shaken from inside and try to do it no matter what. As a child, Edhi Sahab’s mother arouse in him a keen desire to help each other. Specially the poor and the needy. It started from following the advice of his mother to spend one Anna by himself and spending the other one on someone who really needs it. I also remember applying this principle on myself when I got to know that I was good in communicating with people and also had a little edge in English language too. So, 3 years ago I started teaching English, thinking that it would polish my communication skills and share my knowledge for English with my students. I also started reading a lot of books like The Alchemist, The Wish Maker, The Forty Rules of Love, Creed etc. Any book fiction or non-fiction which could improve my reading and speaking abilities.

Amal is also starting from the core and trying to help people to listen to their inner voice and pursuing the path that they desire. A salute to Edhi Sahab, one of the best humanitarians this world could ever think of…!

Part 2: My Just Start Project

Before starting in Amal and getting a project to work on something you’re afraid to do, I took the courage and started it. Thanks to Amal I can move much further in overcoming this fear now.

I started of by teaching the subjects which I wanted to teach according to my course. I thought that why would I waste my time on different subjects but the thing I learned in Amal is that I should never stop self learning. So here I am, trying to teach Economics and Money, Banking and Finance to the students. I started teaching the academy known as “Innovators Inn” but before that I started going through these subjects too. I have read and gone through these subjects before but still, I did not read those subjects with much interest as I am reading them now.

The most difficult thing I faced while this experience was that I could not get the time because I am doing my internship too these days. Time management has been very much difficult for me. But I came up with an idea that why not go through with these subjects when I am free during my internship. Surely I can get 30 minutes off during a day or maybe more. So, I stared bringing my books to the internship program and started reading them. To be honest, it was not that difficult for me as I read books daily. So I just switched the new book which I was reading “The Forty Rules of Love” to the subjects which I have to teach at the academy.

The next step for me probably for me would be to explore these subjects as more as I can. By reading these books sometimes or researching for them on the internet. The TED talks recommended by Amal have also helped me to view a little knowledge about these subjects too. The topics like The Demand and Supply Method, Marshall’s Theory, Monetary and Non-Monetary Transactions etc have been very much helpful to learn via internet and research.

In shaa ALLAH I will pursue this new experience and hope to be good teacher as to help students to expand their knowledge. :)

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