Edhi sb (A man who finds the presence of GOD in humanitarianism)

Edhi sb once said, “insaniyat say bara koi mazhab nahi” (there is no religion greater than humanity). He helped everyone without discrimination. This habit of helping others was instilled in him in his childhood by his mother. She used to gave him 2 paisas everyday and advised him to give one to somebody poor and spend one on himself. She also advised him to look for the person who is really in need. It all started with very little; 1 paisa each day for poor people. This is also firs principle of progress which is “Amal”; just start.

I can relate to his love for humanity, for poor or needy people. Pakistan got hit by major floods in July-August 2011, especially the province of Sindh. My friends and I started collecting donations from our families and close friends. At first, we thought, we would collect around 50,000 PKR and donate it to Al-Khidmat Foundation. After 2–3 days, some of my friends who visited the affected areas told us stories about people and how devastating the situation was. Then we started collecting donations from our institutes and some organizations and we ended up collecting 600,000 PKR. After that we bought food products and hygiene kits and went to Sanghar district to distribute these things among people. It felt very good by helping others.

#Just Start ( To pass the “Central Superior Services” (CSS) examination)

We all blame the government and bureaucracy for bad governance and corruption. That’s why I wanted to be a part of Pakistan Administration Services (PAS) or Police Services of Pakistan (PSP) so that I can play my part to help people and try to make things right.

When I did my graduation (14 years), anew policy came, according to which the minimum qualification needed to appear in the CSS examination was 16 years of education. That’s why I had to pursue masters degree to be eligible for the examination. Now I have the required qualification and I have started preparing for the examination.

The selection of subjects was quite difficult as FPSC has made different groups of the optional subjects and some of the subjects were in the same group and I could not select more than one subject from each group. The second challenge was to identify the main areas to focus on by reading past papers. It took me 4–5 days to complete this task. After doing this things are organised and now I have to buy books and to make my own notes for each subject.

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