What’s coming up in Hashapon in 2023?

2023 will be a big year for the Hashapon ecosystem. The team is already working on launching the game as soon as possible in the best conditions and with an excellent experience.

Therefore, the following we will focus on:

  • Detail team priorities for the coming months
  • Relevant tasks we are currently working on
  • Outline the team’s tasks for 2023

By doing that, our goal is to give you feedback whenever we have news. Let’s see what the team will be working on! 👀💪🏻

Hashapon in 2023 — What will be worked on in the coming months?

What’s coming up in Hashapon in 2023?

- Brand concept for Hashapon.

To start taking our first steps in the Hashapon world is necessary to take references for the game. It helped us build the scenarios, incubators, eggs and other beautiful game elements. Isn’t it fun? 💜

- Brand Book.

It is a design guide that has helped us to know what colours, shapes, message tones and graphic elements we have to base Hashapon.

Do you recognise some of these elements?

You recognise the purple, yellow and font we use, right? 😏 Our identity is easy to remember for everyone as our game is peaceful and quiet for every player.

- Brand launch.

We are working on including the brand in other spaces, such as the web and in-game. This way, everything will look familiar and easy to use, so you won’t get lost when you play!

- Internal LORE.

How many friends will your pets have? How will they behave? How many species will you be able to collect? And how will they compete in tournaments? 💭

We are building the whole story so that it links together and you enjoy the experience of playing it. Get ready because our pets are excited to see who their parents are and how they will care for them!

- Docs.

Did you get lost or need more information about the project? Don’t worry! We are preparing a document with details about the game: pets, pet characteristics, how to play, collection info and tournaments, among others. ✍🏻

- Web concept & Architecture.

What if you want to check something quick about the game? Where can you access the game from?

These details will be available on the future Hashapon website, where we want to give you a unique and engaging experience. 👍🏼

- Web design.

Check the key elements of the game, learn how to play and see the NFT collection. Our website design will be simple but functional and easy to use by everyone.

Not good at crypto? Don’t worry! 🎯 Our goal is to build a website accessible even for those who haven’t know anything about these crypto games.

- Development of the Hashapon website.

- Improve details of the Hashapon website.

- Hashapon website launch.

“Where can I find more information about the game?” “Does Hashapon have a website?” “When is the Hashapon website available?”

The Hashapon website will be out as soon as possible

The website will be available as soon as possible when we finish it, in a few months. You will find information about pets, pet characteristics, evolution, tournaments, etc. 👌🏼

- Define PlayAndEarn: Tournaments & Other tasks.

Prefer to create a collection of adorable pets 😍 or earn profitability 🤑 with them? In Hashapon, you can do both!

Tournaments will be the most basic way to get profitability while playing, but there are others! We have prepared some surprises to make the game more enjoyable and enthusiastic.

- NFT Pets features.

Excited to meet which features will have your pets, uhu? 😏 Species, growth stage, stat, pedigree and even more are some.

These features will build a fascinating, cool and funny pet collection. 💜

- Game LORE.

- Tokenomics: Charges & Prizes.

How much will an egg cost? What about pet evolutions? And competing with your favourite pet? Tokenomics Docs will include these costs.

It will be available to everyone when the team have it.


- NFT Pets reveal.

More pets? Yes! ✨ It’s incredible how Hashapon is growing, so we need to tell you more details about pets: pet features, animal species, pedigree and NFT collection, among others.

- NFT Pets Pre-Mint.

- Official NFT Pets launch.

- Litepaper launch.

You’ll read it if you want more details about the project. The Litepaper will be available online, so it’s easy, comfortable and accessible to everyone! 🐼

Why will you need it? Let’s guess you are curious to meet info about the NFT Collection, game features, monetisation or even upcoming features! This doc is for you. 👌🏼

- Marketing campaign.

We’re baking the perfect game launch strategy with the team to increase the number of players based on 2 target audiences: NFT collectors and Play-And-Earn players.

And why does it benefit you? 🤔 More players means that the use of BAMBOO increases and, therefore, the token will be more valuable.

- Trailer of the game.

- Game V.1 launch.

The first version of Hashapon will include basic features of the game, such as the purchase of NFT pets, egg hatching, pet evolution and some tournaments.

Other features of the game will be out in the following versions. 🤩

- Seasons.

Collect, compete and win. 🏆

Collect your favourite pets of the season, participate in the top tournaments and GameFi tasks, and win $BAMBOO.

Whether you are an NFT collector or a gamer, Hashapon seasons 📆 will be decisive for you!

- Tech improvements.

Our team will review and improve tech issues that users may suffer to give a better gaming experience. 👌🏼

- Marketing campaign & Support.

- NFT Burning.

Let’s burn pets… or not. 🔥

NFT burn will be possible in Hashapon: pick the pets you don’t want and receive a new egg.

Your pets will have a good time because they probably won’t be burned… 😈 Let your imagination fly.

- New seasons.

New seasons. Different themes. Different goals.

😶 No more details.

- Update GameFi features.

- NFT Assets: Early Access + Official NFT launch.

How stylish will your pets look? 💅🏼

Customise your pets. Make them look better. Give them stronger stats. Available in the next versions of the game. 🎩👓👖

- Marketing campaign & Support.


- Breeding.

- Restaurant.

- New UX features.

- Collabs w/ projects.

- Other features (if needed).

Hashapon in 2023: priorities for the next months

In the coming weeks/months, we will be focused on finishing the following:

  • Hashapon Brand
  • Hashapon website
  • GameFi

The team is already working on it, putting in their effort and dedication to make it as you expect or even better! We will soon give more details about our progress. 2023 will be a great year for the game, be sure! ⚡

Follow us to be informed of everything here! 📣

👉🏻 https://mtr.bio/hashapon



Collect and feed digital animals to earn money. A Play-To-Earn game built on Binance Smart Chain network.

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Collect and feed digital animals to earn money. A Play-To-Earn game built on Binance Smart Chain network.