Getting a private pilot license could seem like a daunting task. However, learning how to fly is very rewarding and challenges you mentally.

Cessna 152 at North Perry Airport (KHWO) Photo credit: Hashaun Adderley

Through my experience navigating private pilot training, I picked up a few simple tips that made training simpler, quicker, and somewhat easier. Most of these tips might seem obvious but are often not considered.

Here are 5 tips for earning your private pilot license:

  1. Self-study with an online ground school course to take the FAA’s 60 question multiple-choice knowledge test as soon as possible. Once the course is complete you will be provided an electronic endorsement to…

DeHavilland Twin Otter (Photo Credit: Hashaun Adderley)

Air freight is a very efficient means of transporting goods quickly and reliably yet accounts for less than 3 percent of global trade from a volume standpoint. However, when measured in terms of value air freight takes a larger share of the market at 35 percent. This is due to a variety of highly logical reasons. Here are a few reasons why air freight may be good for your business.


Despite ocean freight being able to carry a higher volume of goods and also costing less per tonnage air freight has proven its use for high-value low volume shipments…

Over the Exuma Cays, The Bahamas

The Caribbean is considered one of the most beautiful and diverse regions on the globe. Likewise, flying in the Caribbean is an unforgettable, fun and rewarding experience that many aviators have longed for.

There are many island nations with many airports offering a wealth of flying opportunities. Some pilots wish to fly in the Caribbean from the U.S. strictly for fun or business. For those pilots it is recommended to visit AOPA’s article on private flying in the Caribbean — On the other hand, some pilots wish to work commercially in the Caribbean either being a native of the…

Flight over The Bahamas in Piper Navajo Panther — Photo by: Hashaun Adderley

Many people wonder if it is worth it to go ahead and learn how to fly. Not everyone has had a passionate desire to be a pilot like most of those who want to be professional aviators but may have a slight interest in flying.

Some people may think that it does not make sense to become a pilot if you do not want to be an airline pilot. However, there are so many reasons to fly besides flying for a commercial airline.

An individual can get a private pilot license. This license is the first requirement needed for those…

9 Reasons to Get a Flight Dispatcher License

A flight dispatcher in most cases is a licensed airman that specializes in flight planning and flight following (staying in contact with and tracking flights) which involves large scale weather interpretation, aircraft performance calculations, understanding airspace restrictions, regulations and airport conditions, giving pilot briefings and coordinating available resources from the ground for a safe and efficient flight.

Dispatchers share 50% legal authority over a flight and shares this with the captain. They exercise operational control which is the authority to initiate, delay or terminate a flight. They are often known as the captain on the ground.

A good dispatcher tends…

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