HashBit Blockchain

Now is possible to Learn about HBIT Blockchain qith new App, https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=4846917808643275474

You can Learn about all features in the HBIT Blockchain, and Earn HBIT, Daily Quiz, 1 vs 1 Battle, Contest and Affiliate System can give you a try to receive HBIT and start try how is much better than 90% of other Crypto in the World!

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Welcome to HashBit Blockchain!




The HBIT Blockchain has a decentralized voting system where anyone can create their own voting system, be it simple polls or political votes.
All on the Blockchain, setting different parameters according to the needs and/or to vote specific categories, for example by distributing an asset to voters, and by setting the poll that only those who own this asset can vote.

Nobody can change the vote, everyone can view it, electoral fraud does not exist, you can vote from home by reducing voting costs, and the results are in real time.

All this through the HashBit Blockchain.

The decentralized voting system is just one of the many possible uses via the HBIT Blockchain.



Start Mining HBIT with just a Click!

The maximum HBIT circulation is 50 Billion coins, and is done through mining.

But how does it work?
The Team does not want users to use resources, and anyone can mine HBIT, By purchasing the Mining Activator ($50 payable in HBIT) you can immediately start receiving HBIT every day, without buying expensive machinery, and without using resources.
You can buy vCPUs to increase daily mining, vCPUs are limited per wallet.

Start mining HBIT now, we are under 10% distribution and the next halving that halves the distribution from mining is near!

All details on https://hashbit.org



In the immediate future, what are the next steps that will be available for HashBit Blockchain?

New wallet, available using the software downloadable on github, through the Official site https://hashbit.org, for mobile users and for those who do not want to use the software, and directly through all the Official nodes.
The new wallet will be easy to use, will have all the functions for sending and receiving, Mining, Staking and gradually all the functions that the Blockchain already allows to do now will be added.

Free Mining for all, where each user can request HBIT every day and increase the Community, testing the functionalities of the Blockchain.

Immediately upon release, we will do an AMA with prizes up for grabs.

We will increase the upload size to Cloud Data to increase the usability for this feature.

and so on!