This week HBIT was introduced in several CEX, more coming soon but let’s recap where you can buy and sell HBIT and in which networks:

ZT Global (BEP20):
Bifinance (Mainnet):
Latoken (Mainnet):
CetoEX (Mainnet):
Citex (BEP20):
Indoex (BEP20):
MelegaSwap (BEP20):
BabyDogeSwap (BEP20):
PancakeSwap (BEP20):
CoinTiger (BEP20):
CoinsBit (BEP20):
P2B (BEP20/Mainnet):

Where Mainnet is our Blockchain with explorer viewable at this address: and BEP20 is the version on the Binance Smart Chain. other Exchanges coming soon, Stay tuned and always remember to check the Official site for all updates and Links:



We are happy to announce the launch of “HBIT HACKATHON 2023”

Up for grabs is $20,000 in HBIT Coin.
The competition will take place here:

Start 20 January 2023, End 25 February 2023
Everyone can participate.

Create any application on the HBIT HBC20 Chain, and win the prize.

The HBIT Blockchain is a Smart Chain with 100,000+ TPS, POA (Proof of Authority) and supports smart contracts and all tools already available for ETH, BSC are perfectly compatible.

The goal is to create Apps and Dapps for mass adoption, which can be mobile applications for smartphones or web applications.

The goal that has always characterized HBIT is its adoption in everyday life.

HBIT is a lifetime project, and we are proud to launch this competition in our large community.

Welcome and good luck, may the best and most innovative applications win.



📢#HBIT Wishes Merry Christmas and Launch an #Airdrop!



1 Claim x Address = 100 HBIT

each Affiliate give you 100 HBIT

☑️Connect to the #BSC Mainnet.

Don’t Miss! and Happy Holidays from HashBit Blockchain

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