Everyone is excited about Bitcoin futures being listed on US exchanges, and Bitcoin price keeps soaring.

Here is some analysis of this news.

  1. Bitcoin value is likely to go up (in the near term), volatility should go down, and majority of Bitcoin investment flow would be in the futures —…

The history of the financial investing world is full of innovations that created new avenues for opportunity but also encouraged fraud and ‘irrational exuberance’, forcing authorities and regulators to step in and protect citizens from the dangers of unregulated financial activities. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and ICOs are simply the latest in…

BITCOIN — Acceptance around the world

As humans evolve the future where automation and robots replace and / or compliment all professionals, including cab drivers, doctors, engineers, and even sex workers; some version of crypto-currency for the micro-payments shall enable several new age business models.

The first version of crypto-currency…


Hashcove aims to enable decentralised technology evolution and adoption, through its Blockchain solutions.

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