Black Sails S04E09 Recap — Showdown

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Flint v Silver.

Skeleton Island.

The Fight of the Century.

And Woodes Rogers and Billy on the sidelines, placing bets and making wagers.

We open with Silver’s men deployed on the island, tracking Flint and the stolen cache. Flint makes his way to the jungle island interior, hoping to bury the chest before Silver finds him.

Silver consigliere Israel Hands: “I wonder if [Flint] knows just how much you learned from him.”

They split into two teams. Flint single-handedly ambushes and takes out one team of three with a knife and a well-placed rock. Amazingly realistic, since they were armed with pistols /s.

Silver realizes Flint couldn’t have come so far into the island with such a heavy chest, and that Flint must have left the chest behind. Flint has double backed and is now scrambling to bury it.

Back on the Walrus(?), Jack and Mr. Featherstone have followed Flint/Silver/Rogers to the mystical Skeleton Island. One man onboard has died, claiming hallucinations of mermaids. I actually like this introduction of fantastical elements to the show. To date, it’s been just grimey, down-to-earth piracy. Now it’s a more Disney-esque Pirates, but just barely enough to keep a cable show a cable show.

Silver Team B has now found Flint. All men fall except Flint and the Silent Asian Man. A swordfight ensues. Flint impales and defeats him, but his position is revealed to Silver and Israel Hands.

Silent Asian Man aka Joji

Finally the showdown between Flint and Silver. I don’t understand why they fight. Flint clearly does not want to kill Silver, even protecting him from his new right hand man. And Silver can’t kill Flint, since he’s the only one who knows where the chest is buried.

Anyway, the fight is interrupted prematurely, as they hear cannons blasting away in the distance. Silver’s ship is under siege by Governor Rogers and Billy. The ship is utterly destroyed, along with the majority of the crew.

We end with Flint, Silver, and Hands standing next to each other, a renewed team.


  • The episode has a few flashbacks of Flint teaching Silver to fight. They’re being buddy buddy, a bro moment before it all goes to sh**. I don’t think they were ever this close in non-flashback mode, but I still appreciate the build up. #Rocky II, anyone?
  • It’s awkward how the unnamed pirate crews are so expendable. They must fight at the whim of their captains, whose ever-changing loyalties must make it confusing to stay alive.

One more episode to go.

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