Interview with #1 Professional on trading view. EXCAVO!

Mr. Excavo, is one of the world’s most respected authorities in crypto trading.

A professional trading consultant and keynote speaker at various crypto conferences, forums, and webinars. Having made over 1,000 successful forecasts, he is extremely accurate. Mr. Excavo has helped dozens of traders save thousands of dollars. With 80K + followers on, he is an educator who is passionate about helping raise literacy in crypto trading. He has held the top spot, being ranked as THE #1 crypto trading expert on for all time.

Tell us about your trading schedule. Is it flexible, do you trade full time?
I arrive at the office at 9 a.m. and leave at 8 p.m. sometimes later. I have set some rules for myself and I follow them. I don’t trade at home. This is one of my rules.

Which markets do you trade?
I started trading with gold and oil, as well as SP-500 and DAX-30, but now I trade only crypto.

What about your everyday life? Can you relax, be with your friends and family, while you have positions open?
I am not an aggressive trader and always I use stop loss. Most of my funds remain in dollars. I am comfortable and able enough to go out and play football with my friends for about three hours every Monday or Tuesday. What I have noticed is that in the last half year, these are the days that bitcoin makes its biggest moves. Perhaps we should play football on another day!

Do you consider ( profits made / time spent ) to be a valuable metric to consider?
This is a good question. At the moment I don’t know exactly how much time I have invested, but I generally only consider profits made and money earned.
I set up a trade the way I want it, and I do not enter into all the scenarios that I plot out. Most of the time I watch, so for me, being right is more important than being quick.

What are your thoughts on options trading & futures contracts. Are you able to make good money in both?
The first thing a trader needs to do is to choose a market that he understands. I traded oil and gold futures, now bitcoin. Anything and everything about the markets can change, but the one thing that cant change is human psychology. People always do the same things. I don’t know what I will trade in 10 years, but I know for sure that if I trade, then I will do it on large time frame.

After all this time as a trader, have you developed a thick skin towards a loss?
Of course, if my deal closes in the minus. I do not worry much about it. What I will say is that my body carries many scars from the financial markets.

What do you have to say about custom indicators and do you have some exclusive ones that make easy money?
I don’t know of any such indicators that make for easy money 😉

If you were to pass away tomorrow, what sort of portfolio of assets and /or crypto / cash / gold would you leave to your children?
I would leave it all to my children! Bitcoin — 15% | Cash USD — 15% | Gold — 20% | Lands — 50% | My collection of hard coins, maps and all my Altcoins. I am a crypto numismatist!

Do you feel that you have developed an instinct about reading charts? Do you see everything before you plot it out?
I think I have yes. My eyes works well. I have also gained the instinct of self-preservation. To avoid opening big deals and not to over extend myself by trading at high leverage.

From your experience in the trading scene, do you think some people will be better off letting a professional manage their money? Or should each person be responsible for their own gains and losses?
Have you ever heard about the 3x90 rule. It is said that 90% of people lose 90% of their capital in 90 days. Every trader has come across this. Even for those studying the markets, trading is difficult. Even if you have your money under management you must understand that there is risk. Investment is risky.

Trading takes nerves and dedication. Have you made a pact with yourself to never stop trading?
So far, I am young and I understand that my journey will be long. Perhaps I will one day stop trading and I will spend my time doing other things, but in either case I will always be connected to the study of the market — to explore something new. For now I will explore the financial market. EXCAVO is an explorer! |

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