Hashgard F.A.Q

May 24, 2018 · 2 min read
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1.What is Hashgard?

Hashgard is a public blockchain that establishes a secure decentralized asset management protocol, initiated by the strategic director of Fenbushi Capital and managing partner of BKFUND, Charlie Xu, and co-founder of BKFUND, Tom Huang. It is provides a one-stop blockchain solution with crypto-financial asset management system to both individual and institutional investors.
Hashgard is the first blockchain project directly initiated and managed by Fenbushi Capital, with Bo Shen, Shuo Bai, former chief engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Sunny Lu, co-founder of Vechain.

2. What does Hashgard mean?

From Old Norse of Scandinavia, “Gard” symbolizes a realm which encloses certain properties. For example, Asgard is the realm of God and Midgard encloses the world that humans inhabit. Hash is an essential algorithmic function of Blockchain that maps data and transactions into organized blocks. Since Hash has somewhat become a symbol of crypto-asset and Gard means realm, Hashgard means the realm of crypto- asset. Hashgard aims to develop the essential technology that manages crypto-asset for all. The team also refers to themselves as the Hashgardians.

3.Where is your technical whitepaper?
You may go to our website Hashgard.io to see the project overview.

4. How do I contact Hashgard?Email: contact@hashgard.io

Investor & Media Contact: Hashgard001@gmail.com

Social Media:

Telegram Account: @hashgardchannel WeChat Official Account: Hashgard Website: hashgard.io
Reddit: r/Hashgard


5. When are the airdrop activities?

We will announce it through our official channel

6.Do you have public sale, private sale, or ICO

Our private sale, which was open only to institutions, has already closed and been fulfilled. There will not be public sale nor ICO.

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7. If there is not pubic sale, private sale or ICO, how do I get this amazing token?

We will be hosting online and offline activities as well as airdrops. Providing feedback during our Alpha and Beta testing will also entitle you to various amounts of airdrop.

All activities will be broadcasted through our social media channels.

8.When will Hashgard go on exchanges?

This is to be announced. Please stay tuned.

9.What is the total supply of tokens?

This is to be announced. Please stay tuned.

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