My Mentor

Behind every success story there are some people who had played a vital role in achieving that success.The person who advises you and teach you about the journey and destination can be called as mentor.

In my case I can name a lot of people who guided me and helped me in getting admission at University of Engineering & Technology and in becoming a Hafiz e Quran as well.My teachers at school level guided me a lot to get admission in Government College especially my class teacher Sir Silawar shah invested a lot of his time on me.At college level there were many other respected tutors who played a role of mentor for me.

But if I had to name one person who is behind my this success , I would love to say it was my mother who throughout my career played a role of guiding star, & mentor.I knew I wasn’t a brilliant student at start but she helped me in doing homework and preparing for exams.During my Hafiz e Quran degree many times I thought I could not complete it but she was always there to motivate me.She got angry on me as well when it was needed to be angry.Then it were here prayers and honest counseling which led me towards success. I tend to be dishearten early and lose my temper but due to her motivation I start things again and get them done in a style.She not only taught me manners but also the best ways to live life through helping others.Many times in my life I decided to quit but due to her I did not quit and rather did the work.To sum up in a few words what I am today is the result of her guidelines and their prayers.

Humility is a necessary thing to be successful in life and undoubtedly I show it in my life due to her.This is because she taught me about humility and its advantages.As a result I worked on it a lot and show humility to her as well.
Moreover , it is obvious that we should be polite and thankful to our parents and I did so.Without humility we can’t get heartiest prayers from our parents and if we hurt them it means we hurt God.

To conclude , my mother is one of my best mentors and she is a true blessing of Almighty Allah on me and there are no words that explain the affection of a mother to his child and vice versa.

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