Hashmap on Tap, Ep. 81

The challenge of data quality is not going away anytime soon. Organizations across industries continue to look for solutions to help address this problem. Recently, Kelly Kohlleffel (VP GTM) spoke with one of Hashmap’s senior cloud architects, Venkatesh Sekar, on an episode of Hashmap On Tap, to discuss data quality in Snowflake and how he is tackling this problem with SnowDQ (a recently released open-source solution for performing data quality checks on data in Snowflake).

Hear Venkat’s Perspectives on:

  • How SnowDQ helps Snowflake customers
  • What led to SnowDQ being developed for the Snowflake community
  • Venkat’s biggest challenge in creating SnowDQ
  • What’s next for SnowDQ…

Hashmap On Tap, Ep. 80

5 Cloud Data Platforms, 33 Dimensions, 400+ hours of detailed analysis — 1 incredible Cloud Data Platform Benchmark Analysis.

It’s difficult to do an “apples to apples” comparison of the top cloud data platforms available in the market today, but three of our data cloud experts were up for the challenge. …

Hashmap On Tap, Ep. 79

“Communities are the future… Nobody wants to be talked at anymore. Audiences want companies to talk with them…”
Anna Abramova, Director of Client Engagements & Partnerships at SqlDBM

Anna Abramova, Director of Client Engagements and Partnerships at SqlDBM joined Kelly Kohlleffel for a Kombucha on Hashmap on Tap to discuss all things data modeling. She provides a unique perspective into the world of data modeling and discusses how SqlDBM is solving that problem by helping companies visualize the design of their databases and data warehouses in the cloud.

Hear Anna’s Perspectives on

  • The core tenants of Data Modeling
  • How quickly it takes to…

Hashmap On Tap, Ep. 78

“A solution like Materialize gives you the absolute best low latency option to act on data in a timely fashion while still integrating with the host of technologies that have and will continue to speak SQL forever.”
Arjun Narayan, Co-Founder & CEO of Materialize

Arjun Narayan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Materialize, joined Kelly Kohlleffel for a cold beer on Hashmap On Tap and discussed Materialize’s streaming SQL database. …

Behind the Scenes at a Hashmap Snowflake 101 Enablement and Training Workshop

We’ve been delivering Snowflake 101 Enablement and Training hands-on workshops for the last few years to a variety of clients. The purpose of these sessions is to facilitate a conversation around all things Snowflake while interactively walking through features and capabilities in a hands-on mode. In addition, we review best practices and recommendations that have been honed in 100+ Snowflake implementations.

Our hands-on labs cover a range of topics including:

  • Prepping Snowflake for data load
  • Loading structured data via different sized warehouses
  • Running analytical queries
  • Utilizing resultset caching
  • Cloning tables
  • Loading semi-structured data
  • Creating views on raw semi-structured data
  • Building…

Hashmap on Tap Ep. 77

This episode of Hashmap on Tap features Hashmap on Tap hosts Kelly Kohlleffel and Shiv Girijashankar, a Cloud/Data Engineer at Hashmap. Shiv has worked with Teradata for the past 14 years in various roles and with numerous clients. Over the past few years, Shiv has noticed the growing demand for moving data services from on-prem to the cloud. This includes moving clients from Teradata to a new cloud data warehouse. The two discuss why more and more Teradata customers are migrating to the Snowflake Data Cloud.

How is Teradata keeping up with the competition?

Teradata has entered the cloud data warehouse game a little late, but they still…

Hashmap’s 2021 Snowflake Customer Survey Results

Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit, recently wrapped up and during that week we released five unique Snowflake customer metrics. We polled the Hashmap Snowflake customer base (we’ve completed 90+ Snowflake projects over the last 3 years) going into Summit to get a sense of how Snowflake is being used and the value that is being delivered.

A huge thank you to all of our customers that responded! The findings were really insightful and many of our customers had asked to see a summary of the results post-poll. …

Hashmap On Tap, Ep. 76

“The notion of making sure that you are ingesting clean data no longer exists because even if you ingest data that is accurate it can break anywhere along the pipeline and cause issues upstream. To truly address data trust we need to view it end-to-end.”

— Barr Moses CEO & Co-Founder at Monte Carlo

Today it is no longer enough to simply collect and store data. Everyone realizes that data is highly valuable. The challenge is figuring out how to harness data to make decisions that drive positive outcomes.

Ensuring proper data reliability and data quality is important across every…

The most impactful product updates and new features


By now most everyone in the technology world has probably heard of Snowflake. Since its record-breaking IPO in 2020, it has continued to extend its lead data, cloud, and SaaS space. Last week, Snowflake held its annual “Snowflake Summit” conference. With it, came a variety of announcements and new features. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event:

Data Programmability

Snowflake showcased a variety of new features and made multiple announcements, but the most impactful features and announcements were around data programmability.

  • Serverless Tasks “private preview” — operations can now be scheduled automatically with the appropriate resources
  • Unstructured data “private…

We are thrilled to announce that Hashmap, an NTT DATA Company, was announced as the FY2021 winner of the Snowflake Ski Lift Content Competition. This is the 2nd year in a row that Hashmap has won the award which goes to the Snowflake partner that produces the most Snowflake-related content annually across the global partner community.

Since becoming an early partner with Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, in 2018, we have produced over 100 Snowflake technical articles, podcasts, case studies, and videos which is driven from the 90+ Snowflake projects that the consulting team has delivered as a solution integration…


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