Remember — at the end of it all, you die
Todd Brison

I’ve read pieces like this before. I say “yeah” and then turn around and repeat yesterday tomorrow. That’s just me.

At the same time there are the “nothing matters so do what you want, be you” pieces. Those are also rinse and repeat for me as well. Ugh since neither seems to push me forward (not the writers fault for certain).

The tough part, for me at least, is finding that balance between 1) being present and in the moment, 2) keeping control of my short-term and long-term life, and 3) meeting my self-imposed responsibilities with friends and family. For me this is turning out to require minimalization and parsing of things and people. At times it has felt cold, but that usually passes as the richness of what remains grows and warms.

But at the end of he day it’s a great journey, we make it all up along the way, there’s no one path for all, and I thank those like Todd who write and help us all work on avoiding a Sisyphus path. Thanks Todd.

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