the point is….the “left” is also being used as TOOLS against the Democratic Party and HRC.
Bonnie Harris

On that we agree. But I really really want the DNC to be the most above board of the 2 parties so as to widen its “net.”

For me, the DNC had already violated my trust in other ways (separating the party from HRC for the moment). Often, it seems to me, they no longer actually put action behind words on the labor and the rights causes that drew me in to begin with. Kind of like how the RNC continually gives lip service to many issues (abortion, prayer in school and all the issues that made my parents vote for a party hell bent against their own socioeconomic ends). Not comparing the 2 parties but they have to a) stand for something and b) put that into action when that have the authority. I don’t feel that’s fully been the case for a decade or so (giving credit for health care of course but I feel like that was more Obama than the DNC).

But we have agreement and that’s always a great start.