HashPalette — Japan-born new blockchain platform built for the next generation of entertainment such as Manga, games, sports and music, launching to the world

5 min readMay 27, 2022

About HashPort

Hashport is developing its business as a solution provider that supports the social application of blockchain with the mission of “digitizing all assets’’. We provide new crypto asset handling related services and consulting services to many companies in Japan, including crypto asset exchange companies. In addition, since 2020, the subsidiary HashPalette has been developing and operating NFT-related services.

About HashPalette

HashPort has been working on the NFT area since 2019. Starting in 2020, we have developed the NFT specialized blockchain “Palette” and have been operating the test net since March 2021. As Japan’s first “NFT specialized blockchain”, a total of 12 companies including 4 world-leading blockchain projects, 3 major domestic and overseas cryptocurrency (virtual currency) exchanges, and 2 companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. We are welcoming you to the consensus node and jointly operating the network.

In July 2021, “Palette Token (PLT)”, a cryptographic asset (virtual currency) that can be used on pallets. It was sold by Coincheck as the first IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) in Japan. In response to the 930 million yen($7.3 million dollars) offer, more than 22.45 billion yen($176.6 million dollars) was submitted, and the application rate was 24.1 times. The second transaction of pallet tokens will start at Coincheck on July 29, 2021, and the usage scene will be expanded from now on.

The goal of the palette ecosystem is to disseminate Japanese content to the world and create blockchain services originating in Japan that can compete in the global market.

Japan-Born Token $PLT

Palette token is a virtual currency developed and operated by HashPalette Co., Ltd. of Japan.

It was the first Token in Japan to raise funds through IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).

PLT is listed on “Coincheck”, a major Japanese cryptocurrency exchange.

In the IEO pallet token pre-purchase application at Japan Exchange cryptocurrency Coincheck, the total application amount exceeded 931.5 million yen($7.3 million dollars) in just 6 minutes from the start.

HashPalette Ecosystem

PLT Wallet

The PLT wallet is a wallet that can manage NFTs and crypto assets, and is compatible with pallets and Ethereum.

[Token management]

You can create and import palettes and Ethereum wallets.

[Transfer of assets between blockchains]

It implements a cross-chain feature that allows the Palette Token (PLT) to move freely between the Palette and Ethereum.

[Palette Token (PLT) Stake]

You can use the PLT you have in your wallet for staking on the app.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashpalette




PLT Place

NFT Marketplace “PLT Place” is a platform that leads to successful NFT sales.

[You can pay by credit card]

You can easily purchase NFTs not only by PLT (pallet token) but also by credit card payment.

[Free gas fee]

You can buy and sell without worrying about the gas cost generated during NFT transactions.

[Cross chain compatible]

It is possible to transfer NFTs to other blockchains such as Ethereum.

* We are planning to release the function in the future.

Website: https://pltplace.io/

twitter: https://twitter.com/hashpalette

MugenARt, Your Metaverse closet.

MAG HUB (stands for Manga Anime Game HUB), invested and incubated by SNZ and Dapper, is a Web3 company focusing on digital collectibles and gamefi .

Mugen ARt, a leading product of MAG HUB, is a platform for releasing and displaying premium digital collectibles. Mugen ARt provides fabulous 3D collectibles with limited editions, covering celebrated IPs, popular designer toys, fine works from artists and more.

Website: https://www.mugenart.io/#/home

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MugenARt_Closet

Discord: https://discord.gg/83DP4V8RYd

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?next=/mugenart.eth/

ELF Masters

ELF Masters is a fantasy adventure type blockchain game. This game has an ecosystem of “Play to Earn”, which is the real thrill of blockchain games including NFTs and tokens, and players can earn tokens by contributing to the game.

Elves and masters in the game and several other items are NFTs that can be owned, transferred, sold, etc. Scholarships that lend NFTs to other players are also feasible, and you can create a community starting from NFTs and participate in the game.

ELF Masters is a completely original title of the game studio “Hash Games”, and it is a game that Japanese users can play with peace of mind, not only with attractive characters and game design, but also with compliance with Japanese laws and regulations.

Website: https://elfmasters.com/

Twitter(IP): https://twitter.com/ELF_Masters

Twitter(EN): https://twitter.com/ElfMasters_EN

CryptoNinja Party!

This project will create a game with CryptoNinja as an IP, which currently has more than 10,000 DAO participants.

・ Title name: CryptoNinja Party!

・ Genre: Competitive social P2E blockchain game

・ Supported chains: Palette chains

・ Supported terminals: Android / iPhone (some browsers recommended)

・ Provider: HashGames (HashPalette)

Website: https://www.cryptoninja-party.com/HomeView

De:Lithe Φ

This project is being developed as a new title for the “Play to Earn” model that utilizes a pallet chain, based on the online RPG “De: Lithe” for smartphones with a cumulative total of 7.77 million DL.

・ Title name (tentative): De: Lithe Φ

・ Genre: Dramatic joint battle online RPG type blockchain game

・ Supported chains: Palette chains

・ Supported terminals: Android / iPhone (some browsers recommended)

・ Developer: Stock Company enish (TYO: 3667)

Sunshine Farm-NFT

The Sunshine Farm(Sunshine Ranch) is one of the most popular game in mixi platform where over 10 million people had played in early 2000–2010. Passing more than 10 years, Sunshine Farm is revivaled as a play-to-earn farming game powered by HashGames.


- Internet of Services Foundation Ltd.

- HuobiGlobal

- Coincheck, Inc.

- CERES,Inc.




Development of blockchain network PALETTE optimized for distribution in #NFT format, development, sales and consulting of NFT related systems. $PLT #metaverse