2. SEO & Content Marketing Kiss and Make-Up

A Sibling Rivalry

Historically SEO and content marketing have existed as an individual marketing strategy. In fact, many times it has been considered that the two are in open conflict with each other. This kind of sibling rivalry that has developed between the two strategies is just that, a juvenile squabble. When that conflict is set aside and the two start to work together, suddenly, it seems like their potential is limitless. What used to be considered one of the most heated rivalries in marketing strategy, has become one of the most potent partnerships. Like peanut butter & jelly, SEO and content marketing are the dream team.

Rise of The Machines

Many advertising companies today are utilizing either content marketing, or SEO, but rarely ever both. The problem with that is each method has pros and cons, ones that compliment each other perfectly. While SEO is far from obsolete, as some have rumored, it certainly is not as easy as it used to be. That is because search engine bots are evolving, becoming more intelligent and sophisticated in order to meet the high octane search needs of internet browsers today.

As you can see from the graph above, using a search engine isn’t a generational thing anymore either. Simply put, everyone, regardless of age and background, are using search engines to find things online. So naturally Google has had to make the process more sophisticated to accommodate this growing need.

Everybody’s a Critic

Now Google and other search engine bots and crawlers have become a kind of digital critic, finding content online and deciding which ones are valuable, and which ones are not. These bots are more and more sounding like that obnoxious movie critic that shuns every movie that isn’t a four hour long Oscar nominee in which one of the actors died during the making of.

A huge emphasis on quality has been made, yet there is still a need for the bots to categorize and organize content. That is why the future of marketing strategy will require SEO and content marketing to finally kiss and make-up. To work together in order to satisfy the cold and calculating critic that the new, discerning (and perhaps even pompous) crawler bots have become.

A Happy Ending

#Advertising has played parent, helping the distraught siblings SEO and content marketing come together to become the powerful marketing strategy of the new age. #Advertising is even offering a commission-based pay program that means businesses don’t pay a penny until they make a sale, guaranteeing return on investment. That’s a winner for everyone.

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