Advertise with Awe

(Awe is a great way to attract an audience and build a brand, especially if you are utilizing social media and SEO strategies.)

An Epic Exploration

The best social media and SEO strategies around vary depending on who you ask. As a general consensus however, the best element of emotion that your advertisements can have, is to be awe-invoking. While we briefly covered the power of awe appeal in advertising in a previous article, more evidence has begun to surface that points toward the effectiveness in advertisements that floor people.

You don’t just want to give exposure to your brand, you want people to associate it with greatness. The worst thing that an advertisement can do is focus on itself, or robotically relay information. In the new age, people demand more from their ads.

Be Self-Less

It is important to remember that social media and SEO strategies of the modern era are built around people seeing and interacting with your content. That is something that is far easier said than done. Don’t think that just because you put the content out there, that people won’t ignore it. Every bit of content you create for your marketing method should be self-less. Show them something that they have never seen before.

(Great social media and SEO strategies focus on giving the consumer an excellent experience, not promoting a product.)

Don’t worry if content in the advertisement doesn’t seem to fit what your company does. It is all about association and building value. If your brand can create a memorable experience for the consumer, they will take the time to learn what it is you offer. Trust the consumer, they are smarter than you think.

Be Transparent

This is one of the most important parts of social media and SEO strategies. Because the success of your campaign relies on the interaction of your content with users, you simply have to offer the best experience. The worst thing you can do for a modern advertising campaign is try to mislead, misdirect, or omit information. Be thorough and show both sides of the coin in every piece of content you have.

The respect that you gain from your audience will go a long way. Building a brand is about building trust, and operating with transparency in all facets, including advertising is a sure-fire way to attract more followers, interactions, web traffic, and ultimately grow SEO rankings and sales.

Sometimes Self Promote

While I would say personally that you want to avoid self-promoting your services in most advertisements for social media and SEO strategies, there are some exceptions to the rule. Part of the reason that people are following your feeds and reading your content, is because they want to know about special promotions your company might offer.

#Advertising for instance, this writer’s employer, is offering a $200 rebate on a marketing campaign to anyone that likes their Facebook page. You see what I did there…

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