SEO & Content Marketing: The New Frontier

A Revolution

It has happened time and time again throughout the history of humanity. Something big comes along, something revolutionary that completely alters the way people think, act, and even interact. The most recent technological triumph has been the infamous internet. It has unscrupulously sculpted the way that our world works, including everything from social interactions, to economy and business. Well #Advertising has now learned how to harness that power by merging SEO and content marketing to create a new age of advertising.

The Next Step

SEO and content marketing alone have become increasingly less effective. That is why the future of the industry will rely on merging the two to make an entirely unique marketing strategy. This powerful new strategy is rapidly revolutionizing the industry. Search engines are now putting the biggest priority on quality content. SEO blackhat methods and tricks simply do not work against the sophisticated crawler bots of search engines today. That is why content marketing has quickly become one of the most important ways for businesses to stand out and build a strong presence online. This graph below illustrates how internet usage is only going to increase, and rapidly.

A Narrowing Window

By building a quality and consistent presence online, a business can interact with its consumers and build a brand and fanbase all over the world faster and more affordably than ever before. Right now, there is a lot of digital real estate just waiting to be settled. Much like when the first Americans settled the new world. Now is a time of opportunity for all.

The window however, is rapidly closing, as more and more are understanding the value of SEO and content marketing. What is inexpensive and effective now, will quickly change as the new digital world is settled on. Property will become more expensive and difficult to obtain as more and more is bought up by those with foresight and savvy. That is why it is so important for those who want to build a lasting online presence to start now.


The smallest opportunities often lead to the greatest enterprises. The seeds planted now will grow into mighty oaks that bare fruit, eventually becoming an orchard! All of this is possible by utilizing SEO and content marketing strategies to cement your place online. So don’t wait until it is too late. Even if you don’t have a lot of upfront capital, #Advertising offers a commission program that means you only pay after you make a sale. That is a guaranteed return on investment no other marketing service offers.

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