SEO Strategies & Social Media: New Kid on the Block

An Enigma

He’s mysterious, he doesn’t talk much, but has a steely reserve that just oozes cool, new, and interesting. No we aren’t talking about your daughter’s latest crush, we’re talking about SEO Strategies and Social Media, the new kids on the block for viable marketing strategy. While they both may sound familiar separately, combining them creates a whole new animal, the kind that makes you want to tell your daughter she can’t go to prom anymore, or ever leave her room again. Once you shed the enigma around this unknown strategy, you see that the bad boy exterior is really just a protective coating for a kind heart and a love of commitment.

A Heart of Gold

You see, the concept of merging SEO Strategies and Social Media may seem a bit out there, different, and maybe even downright weird. Once you take the time to get to know it though, suddenly it makes a lot of sense. That is why it is better to scoop up the new kid and make him your friend now, before everyone realizes how cool and valuable he is. That is something that is already happening. As more and more people are realizing the value of search engine optimization and unique content production, it is becoming more difficult and expensive to get the online exposure necessary to have a successful business.

The Band-Wagon Effect

You see, while SEO Strategies and Social Media is incredibly effective and affordable now, the window is narrowing rapidly. That is because of what I like to call the band-wagon effect. Like when one cool kid in school starts to befriend the new guy, all of a sudden everyone claims that they were the new kid’s best friend first. People are starting to see the value in the service, and as the graph depicts, some industries are realizing it faster than others. Insurance for instance, is the most expensive keyword to rank in, likely because many insurance companies have lots of capital to invest in an advertising campaign, and directly compete with each other regularly.

An Opportunity

Though one day the window of opportunity will close for smaller businesses in the arena of SEO Strategies and Social Media, that day is not today. There are still ample amounts of free keywords to take up and ensure a future for your business. The key is to not hesitate, and get on board with an expert marketing team that understands the ins and outs of the industry, and that is #Advertising.

Think you can’t afford such a state-of-the-art service? Think again. #Advertising offers commission-based advertising services that mean you only pay when you make a sale. That is a guaranteed return on investment no other advertising service offers.

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