First ever LIVE Podcast recording FASHION with #impact

Last week I had the incredible privilege to record with the uber-inspiring Christina Dean, Founder of Redress, an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

It was amazingly nerve-wrecking and so much fun to record in front of an audience for the first time. We even went live on Facebook. Luckily, my family in Europe had set their alarms early to tune in for our broadcast from Eaton House, Hong Kong.

The pure energy of all these incredible power women surrounding me, women who drive change in so many different areas, felt energising.

Looking back at these last few months, I can’t help but feel grateful for all the brilliant #girlbossmoments on this Podcast so far.

I am so glad that you allowed me to share your stories of impact with the world.

You ladies ROCK!

Here they are, the amazing women featured on #impact Podcast — as of May 23rd 2017:

Sue Toomey, HandsOn Hong Kong, Episode 1
From corporate career to Non-Profit.

Bérénice Guinel, So in So Good, Episode 4 The most energetic green and social entrepreneur enablers in town.

Cherry Ng, Room to Read, Episode 5
Investing in the lives of 15 million children.

Jamie Chiu, The Brightly Project, Episode 6
Countering the stigma of depression and anxiety.

Jodie Chan, Givo, Episode 7
Think Facebook for Social Good.

Xania Wong, JOBDOH, Episode 8 Taking the B Corp road for growing a business with impact.

Belinda Poole, Sarah Fowler, LocalMotion Episode 12
Do you want to live a more meaningful life?

Célia Berkouk-Schlesier and Lulla Hokholt, Episode 13
The making of FASHION with #impact.

Sarah Fung, Hula, Episode 14
From you. To us. To others.

Jessica Brown, The Economist Events, Episode 15
The impact of World Ocean Summit.

Christina Dean, Redress, Episode 16+17
Fashion with #impact.

Liz Steiger, Imperial Glamour Club, Episode 18
Working out should be easy and free. Empowering women with sports.

Gyneth Tan Murphy,Clean the World, featuring in this Behind the Scenes special (starting minute 9)

In the coming two weeks you will hear Christina Dean’s story, who changed her career as a dentist to make fashion more fun AND sustainable.

Who inspired YOU lately?

Tweet #impactinspo to #impact Podcast or Regina

Here’s who inspired me this week.

PS: #impact Podcast also features very inspiring men making a social impact with their work. Head over to www.hashtagimpact.com to check out episodes 2,3,4,9,10 and 11.

Regina Larko at #impact Podcast

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Regina Larko, host of #impact Podcast shares highs & lows of running a weekly production on people making a social impact with their work. www.hashtagimpact.com

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