Rome wasn’t built in a day

Or why no one prepares you for the challenges of setting up a website, all by yourself for the very first time.

I stopped counting the hours spent on choosing a web host. For some time I had sleepless nights going over the question if I should choose Wordpress or Squarespace to build the site.

The never ending checking of social media and domain availabilities was nerve-wracking. You can imagine my excitement when I finally found my answers to all the questions and bought my very first web hosting. After all the research it felt fabulous to have finally made the decision to secure the domain for #impact Podcast.

What followed were even more hours spent on installing, setting up, deciding on colour schemes, and content for the sites’ appearance. After this intense and exhausting website building self-study experience, I was relieved when I could finally press that LAUNCH button.
Well, a good friend of mine actually forced me to launch. She was sitting right next to me, lurking over my shoulder and making sure I went through with it.

Just after the launch, I informed the world on #impact Podcast’s Instagram account although the site did change appearance since that first launch.

Although the website is live now, there is still so much to learn and yet so much more to figure out. And there is one little thing about me that does not make the whole process of my self-tech study easier:

I hate to read manuals.

My dad would always study the manuals very carefully before installing the newest tech devices. Back in the early 90, I remember the excitement of buying our first Videocassette Recorder. VCR’s were a thing back then, so were walkmans and pagers. When setting up one of these amazing new gadgets, my dad would always remind me to read the manuals carefully and — even more importantly — to follow them, step by step.

“Patience, Regina, patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day. First, we read the manual”, Dad always said.

I knew, he was right. But why read a lengthy text, I thought, when I could just play around with the new gadget and figure out by trial and error what all its functions were. I just could not wait to get started.

So guess what I did when I was busy setting up my first website with Wordpress? I pressed all those buttons, and there are a lot of buttons to press. Don’t even get me started on the moment when I had finally chosen a template playing around with its one million functions, like the slideshows and widgets. It was a few days of pure bliss. But then I realised, I had to have a good backup for my website.

Installing the backup plugin was straightforward and fast. But then, a dreadful message popped up.

Mr Wordpress said:

“You’re almost there…
 Add the site to your ManageWP dashboard…”

Sounds easy enough, I thought. What followed was me hectically clicking through all the plugin functions and almost accidentally overwriting the plugin codes, something that Mr Wordpress says is “highly discouraged.” Then I gave up.

I did figure it out in the end but only after working through a step by step online tutorial that Mrs Google had spit out.
I guess, in the end, my Dad had a point when he said following manuals also saves time.

I can still hear him say: “Patience, Regina, patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Neither are websites.