Taking a break

Good morning friends!

It is Thursday, and I am officially announcing something exciting. If you aren’t awake yet, wake on up and listen to what I am about to say.

Over the course of doing this, things have been growing in an important way. We’ve had tons of participation and fun times. Good mornings where we’re all getting up and excited. But during this time, things have remained pretty much the same, and I feel like we all kinda need to hit the refresh button. Myself included.

Therefore, what I would like to do is take a couple of weeks to get collected, get some good content and maybe even some speakers lined up, perhaps revamp a few systems.

I want this to grow, and be not just a person talking on the phone in the morning. I feel great about having a voice and being able to share my own ideas, but I know there’s so much good content out there to discover and share. Whether that’s guest speakers, content that I’ve researched and deliver, or even just some really amazing audio.

One thing I know is that for this to continue to be effective and useful, we have to grow and adapt. Additionally, if we are going to do it, we need to do it right. It needs to be a commitment.

You ALL have amazed me with how long you have continued to use the service, even those of you who have already hit the pause button on your own.

Here’s the bottom line. Starting June 12th. I am going experiment with a format. It’s a 20 day challenge. You can be part of it if you want, or you can pass and my feelings won’t be hurt! I only do what I do because I love it and I want it to help.

Everyone is welcome to contribute and be part of this experience, and those of you who have been dedicated to the calls so far, officially have access to the challenge, 100% free. That said! If you want to see it grow, if you want to be part of something bigger, then obviously I could use your help to make that dream a reality.

My one ask is this: Help me share this! DM 3 people you know and feel comfortable sending this message to or post as a looking for recommendations post:

“I am participating in a 20-day wake up challenge to help me get up early. I thought you might like it. Would you want to be my early morning partner? Here’s the link: themorningcatalyst.com

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