The Athlete’s Mindset in Sales

Goals are important. When you work in sales, acheiving goals are literally the thing that can make or break your company. Sometimes though, I find that it’s easier to think about goals than to actually execute.

“Gosh if I just make X Sales a week. We will be golden.”

“Man, I just really need to land this client, and man it’d be sweet to have this much revenue.”

Perhaps the more experienced salesperson is less likely to think this way, and probably for good reason. Goals are important, but when you over focus on goals you can get off track in your execution.

How nervous are you going to be in each interaction if you’re constantly thinking this could be the one that makes or breaks your business?

I think there are a few mental tips that can help you stay calm and execute in your highest pressure situations. The easiest way I think about it is by calling it the Athelete’s Mindset. I’m sure you’ve seen it a million times, but here is a good example, Lamar Jackson after he crushed it in a huge blowout.

Ignore the Heisman Talk

When asked how he felt when everyone was chanting Heisman when you came of the field?

I mean it’s cool but it aint, I aint trying to worry about that right now. I’m trying to win.

You must focus on winning every single day. It doesn’t work to waste time thinking about, well at the end of the season if you keep this up you’ll win the Heisman Trophy. You have to take each day as it comes because each day requires it’s own focus, attention, and 100% dedication.

Get Pumped

This one doesn’t need a quote, but in the video you can see that Jackson was legitimately pumped by his team. This is important. Surround yourself with people you respect who will pump you up. Your mindset going into sales is huge. It comes through in your voice, it comes through in your body language. You really must be pumped up to be in peak state.

Big Names Mean Nothing More Than You Make Them

When asked this was Florida State not Charlotte does that mean anything to him?

No, that was another team on our schedule. Now we’re looking forward to Marshall. Ain’t nothing special.

If you think, “Man I’m going to talk today to the biggest client in the industry. Man, I better not screw this up.” That’s the kind of thinking that will screw up your rythem. The truth is when it comes down to it, your execution and your attitude matters way more than the size or reputation of the client. So don’t make more of a big game than you have to. It’s important to have a future. Remember there is always another client. Keep looking ahead.

Be Prepared to Fail and Keep Going.

“After the Interception I threw I told my team I owed them about 4 touchdowns. …and I was determined we have to score right here.”

You don’t have to have a fish-level memory, but you do have to have flexible attention. Remember your failures so you can learn from them and work harder next time. Take some responsibility too. Yes, you failed. Now you have to prove yourself.

Remember Who You Are and What You’ve Done.

I don’t have a quote of his, but you know this is part of the confidence of a leader like Jackson. He is not unsure of himself. He has the leader’s confidence.

This works best when you have success already, when you already have done tons of deals or won tons of clients. But everyone should have something about themselves that they admire. Even if you’ve never done a sale, you’re still good enough. You should have something to focus on that is positive. If you have prepared, and you better have, rely on that experience. Think about the scenario. Visualize success.

Remember You’re Safe

When he talks about his team. You can tell Jackson really believes in the ability of the people around him. He knows that even if he screws up, he has a team of excellent players around him to help him through. Now, in sales you might be a little more isolated, but truthfully you should believe that there are opportunities all around you, even if you fail.

This is something that I’ve found useful. I’ve recently become comfortable with the idea that even if I lose every single deal, I still have a future, I still can at least work and survive. Remember that what you’re doing now is only one aspect of who you are. If you fail you can go right on to the next thing.

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