Why is this guy poking another bear?

Dim weather is just another excuse for a human male to house his energy. Energy that is meant to harness and share is left to wither. Now he knows this isn’t how he is wired but sometimes the crushing ecosystem called inner thoughts continue its explosive nature to the point of breakdown.

So when a new idea wants to come to life, the energy that is needed to gets packed like a last minute suitcase. Very terribly. With important self care products left in the bathroom. Rushing out the front door, without his essentials, we are forced to witness a reckless scramble to preserve the perfect skin, dental hygiene and even mental attitude.

None of this is making sense. Even to the writer, this story is falling apart. Don’t blame him. Words are just words open to be interpreted. Yet, the direction of the story rests on the author. I promise the next one will be better.