Activity| Real Estate Tokenization 2

The pre-sale of the first real estate tokens has opened!

Purchase tokens now and enjoy the 3 privileges!

Pre-sale Privileges

1. Early Bird Discount

Top 200 buyers will get 3% token reward!

For example: If you are in the list of top 200 buyers and have purchased 300 tokens, you will get extra 300*3%=9 tokens, which means that you get 309 tokens.

2. Referral Bonus

Inviting your friend to purchase the tokens, both of you will get bonus!

After invited user finish purchase, the inviter will get extra 2% purchase amount of invited user, and the invited user will get extra 1%!

For example: If you invite David and David have successfully purchased 1000 tokens, then you will get a reward of 1000*2%=20 tokens, and David will get a reward of 1000*1%=10 tokens.

3. HSC Discount/Landlord Privilege

You can only choose 1 from the below 2 schemes:

a) You can use HSC to pay 20% of total purchasing amount (The maximum limit is 100,000 HSC)

b) If you own lands in HashWorld, you can enjoy the following discount:

1~5 lands: 0.5% refund

6~10 lands: 1% refund

11~20 lands: 1.5% refund

More than 21 lands: 2% refund

The maximum limit is 200,000 HSC, and the refund of HSC will be delivered after the pre-sale session.

The good news is that the pre-sale goal has been 50% completed! There are still some doubts about the real estate tokenization, and we would like to share with our users more on the concept!

I am fond of cryptos only, why real estate?

  1. To spread the risk: Don’t put all eggs in one basket. Plan on your asset management wisely.
  2. To lower the volatility: The real estate market is much more stable with lower volatility and the real properties are rigid demand. With rapid developing speed, the real estate makets of some developing countries have high potential to yield good returns.
  3. To offset the inflation: Investing in real estates in other countries can effectively avoid inflation and depreciation of domestic currencies.

Why choose HashFuture to invest in real estates?

  1. Low entrance barrier: HashFuture splits one asset into share tokens based on blockchain technology, significantly lowers the barrier for real estate investment. For example, the first real estate is C Ekkamai which worths 172k USD, but users can participate in investment with only 50 dollars.
  2. Higher liquidity: The small asset tokens can be traded anytime and have high liquidity. In the meanwhile it also ensures the investors can exit easily at anytime.
  3. Transparent process: The whole process including the property contract, the token agreement, the deposit from asset management companies and the trading smart contracts are all publicly verifiable. Blockchain technology safeguards investment security, high transparency and reliability.
  4. Professionalism: HashFuture is a blockchain technology company, and it incubated “REIBex” (Lian Bao Wu) which focuses on real estate+ token trading. To ensure the professionalism, REIBex has established strong partnership with several well-known real estate developers such as Jiaranai Entertainment Thai, Singapore DWG and U.S. Shengze Capital Real Estate.
Company Development of REIBex

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