This may be a weird metaphor, but I’m going for it anyway… It’s like cleaning the dishes as you go. If you eat and clean up immediately afterward, you never have to clean up later. You’ve avoided a hassle and extra work down the road. If you eat, and leave dirty dishes in a pile to be cleaned later, you’re actually creating a lot more work for yourself — or for someone else. Food dries, it’s caked on, it’s harder to scrub off. You’ve increased the difficulty level of the work that has to be done. Further, a pile is intimidating — piles often become bigger piles because no one wants to deal with them. What’s another dirty plate? I’ll just toss it on here. But if you clean as you go, it’s much faster, it’s part of eating (rather than separately cleaning), and you never have to return to the work later— it’s already done. The future is free and clear.
Show me a business problem and I’ll do my best to avoid it
Jason Fried
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