A Mother’s Plea to Mayor de Blasio:

My Son Deserves An Education!

Can you imagine how helpless I feel to not be able to give my child basic educational nourishment? There is nothing more frustrating than seeing my son’s future and potential being robbed from him because of these terrible decisions.

You see, I have done everything in my ability to care for my child since the day he was born. I am the one who dropped him off for school, and I am the one who picked him up. I always helped him with his homework and with anything else he needed. When my husband and I divorced, I continued caring for my son by trying to move him to an Orthodox school that is in compliance with the law, one that provides a solid Judaic education and also offers good secular instruction. Unfortunately, a judge has determined that his father has full decision making power over his schooling, knowing full well that he is not getting a proper education in his current school. Let that sink in! A judge, who is sworn to uphold the law, has ruled to leave my child in a yeshiva where he is not getting basic instruction, meaning a yeshiva that is in violation of the law!