Quality management tools in everyday life.

Religion is a complete code of life. It tells us every detail of conduct from minor like eating manners to major aspects like inheritance etc. Religion has three main aspects. They are:

1. Prayers include five pillars and Zikr.

2. Taqwa i.e doing right things and abstaining from bad.

3. Haqooq/Ikhlaq i.e responsibilities related to Allah and his fellowmen upon us.

These three aspects form core of our spiritual life and hence can be measured using quality control tools.

Following are the quality control tools I have selected for improving my spiritual life:


Bench marking includes finding an ideal and trying to obtain it’s good qualities. As a benchmark of our spiritual life we have a glorious example of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). His Sunnah and Traditions are according to Holy Quran and are best example of success in all aspects of life. My making his personality a benchmark we can reach heights of spiritual levels but never equal. The personalities of his companions are also a reflection of his teachings.

Waste elimination:

A great way to apply waste elimination in life is to acquire everything according to need and not accumulate extra stuff which in the long run will ultimately be wasted. The extra stuff should be distributed among other needy people. It promotes simplicity and lack of showoff among people.


In our religion, tidiness is half faith. Tidiness not only means clean apparel but it means organization and leanness in every other aspect of life be it eating, wearing and home/workplace and most of all abstaining from habits that are not healthy in the long run.


Audit means having an accountability of oneself as how he/she is performing their duties and contributing to society as a whole. Are they making other people’s live easy or tougher? Are they utilizing their knowledge in beneficial ways? Are they promoting honesty and kindness? These are few things one can ask himself and while setting his spiritual goals.

Check sheet:

It is a very important tool because a goal not written is a goal forgotten. It summarizes our goals to one word lists and we can check our goals on it. It helps us reminding our responsibilities and helps us avoid forgetting our daily tasks. It also helps break bad habits if we count days we have abstained from repeating a bad habit.

Cause-and-effect diagram:

Every action has a cause. This tool should be use by any Muslim to analyze any problem be it personal or global and must start working to correct it in any way possible either through scientific ways or any other discipline to make this world a better place.

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