The Secret of Connecting with Other People (Being Interested)

Finally, after reading a part of book “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” by “Dale Carnegie”, I came to know that “being interested is more important than interesting”.

A line from that book that you’ll also like is “you can connect with other people in 2 months if you’re interested in other people than those two years if you think that people are interested in you or interesting”

For the first time, when I practiced this and asked my friends about this, it felt like a magic to me. Because what happened was, I initiated a talk with one of my class fellow, with whom I don’t usually talk much, and it ended up in being an interesting discussion and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Because, it was all about him. Whenever I met him before this time, he used to spent most of his time on his smartphone while being with me. But this time not only he put his phone inside his pocket but also didn’t bother to take it out on his notifications. The reason was, he was indulged in discussion completely and was enjoying it, just like me. Isn’t a magic?

Similarly, I’d such discussion couple of other fellows and people I meet on daily basis. I didn’t only got to know a lot of their lives’ happenings but also I noticed their change in behavior towards me. The idea of giving worth to other’ opinion and letting him talk more really do a magic and you’re the magician, doing it, feeling it!

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