Over the years I’ve found code reviews to split developers, surprisingly. Some of the developers I’ve worked with have put effort into reviews, taking time to read and understand the code and writing responses which improve the code, the codebase itself and sometimes even the developer. Other developers see them as more of a chore. A roadblock that gets in the way of actual development, something that needs to be done as quickly as possible so they can get back to finishing sweet, sweet tickets. …

It isn’t easy to start looking for new jobs. The process is stressful, the fear of the unknown is never nice and the risk of moving somewhere you may enjoy less than your current place of employment always tends to be in the back of your mind. All of this is ever-present and we haven’t even discussed the actual interviews themselves. We’ll always second guess ourselves, our skill level and how we should approach the interviews. Over the years I’ve made many mistakes in interviews, but there were a few things that were received a lot better than I expected. …

Throughout your career in tech you will meet and work with a whole bunch of developers . Most of these you’ll forget the day you leave and they’ll probably never cross your mind again, but some of them you’ll be thinking about for years to come. For example,

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The not-so-Junior

“Wait, this is his first job?!” - I remember the first time I asked this question about a fellow dev a month or so after I joined a new company. Fresh faced, quiet and tearing through tickets as if their life depended on it; the signs are all there. This is the Junior Developer who takes to the job like a duck to water. The proverbial sponge. Niamh Jobs. Phil Gates. This person is barely 6 months into their career and is as effective as anybody in the team. I know what you’re thinking, there’s a big ‘unfortunately’ in the title so what place does this person have on our list? Or maybe you’ve already met this developer and you know the answer: they’re just TOO good. …


Hasret Topalovic

Software Developer in Manchester

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