Communication in Team

I was reading “The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork” from John Maxwell recently.There was an assessment in the end of chapter on The Law of Communication to rate your own teamwork abilities. I got 27/30. It means that I work very well in a team. I was surprised at the score not because I am not a good player, rather I was that good team player.

There is always room for improvement. Hence, I will communicate more with my teammates by letting them know if I disapprove of anything and if I think someone is not giving his full to the group etc. Teamwork is very important for a person to become Most Valued Team Player (MVTP), even if you’re doing well by yourself, because Communication increases commitment and connection, which in turn fuel action. You cannot go too far on your own. Eventually you have to work in a team and if your communication is no-good, you’re no-good to the team.

In the words of John W. Gardner