Putting Tips to the test

We, at Amal, have been learning about tips on moving up and boosting your career. We were advised to share these tips with working professionals to get their feedback. One of my seniors, Umer Khurshid, is working in Shaheen Aviation for about 4 years. So, I shared these tips with him and asked him about the feedback. He agreed with all of the tips especially the tip on “Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members”. He told me that at the start of his job, he was very shy and rarely interacts with his boss. but now he is very friendly with his boss and that’s how he had gotten me (Hassaan) an interview.

His purpose in life was to support his family. He had worked away from home for 4 years to provide for his family. That is all I could get out of Umer bhai. I will talk again with him to further understand the professional life and tips about it.