My goal is to be a “Social Worker”.

We all are running in a race of life, we want to achieve many things but all those things are for ourselves. Just think for one minute what we had done single non-profit thing in last 24 hours? Did we help anyone? NO? Then think about it and start helping others. You have no idea what kind of “satisfaction” man get when he help any other person. I choose socialism because it gives me satisfaction.

I faced many challenges to achieve my goal. I am not a “Public Speaker” In past if I want to do something good, i just couldn’t do that I was shy and think what others people will say, what my friends will think. My communication created a gap between what i do and what i want to do.

The three tasks that i identified are my communication, convincing power and connection with people who are active in socialism.

To complete these tasks were not easy for me. One of my best friend told me about Amal academy, which is helping me to about my first two tasks. And for task 3, i am trying to meet as many people as i can to get into this field. We can live life for ourselves, but how many can live for others?